I’m Trying.

I’m getting to that age where all my friends and I are getting busier and busier. Unfortunately, it’s summer and I just want to go out and play but there’s no one to do that with.  Maybe I’m just a needy friend? Maybe I’m just a little overdramatic? Just maybe.  But I’m trying to be more independent and do things on my own.  It’s hard, though.  Really hard. I’m a person who needs constant reassurance and encouragement but like I said…trying to be more self-assured and independent.


The constant loneliness and boredom gets a little too much somedays but I know the sun will set and there will be another tomorrow. One day I will learn how to get up, get dressed, and leave my house alone without feelings of anxiousness.  I don’t know when that day will come but I’m looking forward to it.

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