How You Know You’re A Senior In College

The time is finally here! It feels like you’ve been dreaming about this time in your life since you were a little kid. You are now a senior in college. That’s right, not just high school but C.O.L.L.E.G.E. Suddenly, excitement and anticipation turns into complete and utter terror.

If you’re dealing with any of these scenarios or feelings, chances are you’re just a few weeks away from graduation yourself. With that, I tip my hat to you, my fellow senior. It’s time to jump feet first into the pool of adulthood.

Just kidding, I ate a peanut butter and fluff sandwich for dinner last night but I’m adult so it’s completely acceptable, right?!

You know you’re a senior in college, when…

  • Looking “good” for class is almost laughable at this point.
  • When someone tells you they don’t drink coffee, you start to question how they’re able to talk to you in coherent sentences because you need caffeine straight to the bloodstream to function.
  • You regret all the naps you refused to take under the age of five.
  • When you’re naps turn into deep slumbers. Is it 8pm or 8am?
  • Even you are amazed by your ninja skills in the morning when you’ve realized you missed your alarm.
  • Freshmen year included color coded notebooks and folders for each class. Now you’re lucky if you have a pen and the correct class’ notebook for the day.
  • The want to finish strong is overshadowed by the fact that SENIORITIS is kicking in STRONG. It’s much worse than high school senioritis, my friends.
  • You’re constantly just mad because all the classes you have left before graduation are completely pointless.
  • You’ve walked all the halls of the campus and know it like the back of your hand so well that you have favorite bathrooms. Yes, I can point you to the quietest bathroom if you ever needed to…poop.
  • You know pretty much everyone in your classes at this point because you are required to take the same classes. Classes are always more enjoyable when you can share the hatred.
  • You have probably heard this before but the phrase “This isn’t an assignment you can do the night before” is simply a challenge at this point.
  • “You should have read…” Uhm what are books?
  • You finally have first dibs on classes because seniors have top priority during registration.
  • But you still can’t get into required classes.
  • Everything becomes bittersweet once you realize it’s probably the last time you’ll ever do it. This is the last time I will write this 10pagepaperaboutasubjectiveprobablywrittenabouttwentytimes.
  • Wine nights become every night.
  • You are now constantly anxious and terrified because you’re not ready to graduate.
  • Not ready for graduation because college was just another distraction from the fact you have no clue what you want to do or want to become.

I’ve come to realize that grownups don’t have all the answers so I hope if anything that gives you a little bit of encouragement of some sort. I mean kids are basically drunk adults. That has to mean something. So lets nosedive into adulthood, my fellow peers.

And who says we can’t have desert for breakfast? I won’t tell your mom if you don’t!

I would like to thank everyone who helped with this post by providing their own senior year experience.

Some honorary mentions (that’s you mister joe paru) are…

“When your dentures fall out mid exam. So embarrassing”

“When you fall under your cane and break your hip and all your classmates just walk by in the halls”

I hate when that happens.

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