Music Monday

Hi Friends,

So I know Music Mondays aren’t the newest things on the block but I’ve always wanted to write one so here I am, writing a Music Monday.  I guess you’re suppose to write your latest song obsessions on any given Monday of the year.  Considering this would be my first Music Monday, I’m just going to give you all a rundown of my all-time favorites and maybe a few of my current repeat jams. Yes, I still say jams. Bell-bottoms are coming back and so can the word ‘jam’. Anyways, I’m rambling now so lets get into it : ).

Disclaimer: my music taste could be described as a rainbow of complete and utter obnoxiousness.

Let Me Love You – Mario

Let Me Love You – Mario

Category: R&B and Soul

This song is just complete nostalgia for me. I think I’ll love it forever.

He needs to make a come back. He could sing the phone book and I’ll buy it.




No Name – Ryan O’Shaughnessy

Ryan O’Shaughnessy EP

Category: Pop and Rock

I fell in love with Ryan O’Shaughnessy after watching his Britain’s Got Talent audition a few years ago and never looked back.

He can write me a love song any day.

Ryan just released an EP and I couldn’t be more thrilled.



A Drop In The Ocean – Ron Pope

Daylight – Ron Pope

Category: Rock, R&B, and Soul

This song is just pure gold. Ron Pope’s voice is literal butter.

Honestly, if you haven’t heard of him. I don’t care but you need to give him a listen. He deserves at least a listen.

This song is everything.



Kings & Queens – SoMo

My Life -SoMo

Category: R&B, Soul, Rock, Contemporary R&B, and Dance

If you know me, you know my love for Joseph Somers-Morales, or SoMo.  I fell completely in love with “My Life”.

Although, he is known most for his song Ride. I fell in love with Kings & Queens before that.




Who You Are – Jessie J

Who You Are – Jessie J

Category: Pop and Rock

This song couldn’t come into my life at a more better time.

And this was when I realized the power of music, people.

Because of this song, Jessie J will always have a fan in me.



Mind Reader – Dustin Lynch


Where It’s At – Dustin Lynch

I thought this song was too recent to be considered my “all-time” but that’s how much I love it.

Dustin Lynch is my new favorite. I can’t believe I didn’t know about him until his 2nd album.

Country music, I heart you.


I feel like I’m missing something but maybe it isn’t my all-time favorite if I can’t remember.

Hopefully, you found something you liked. I love them all dearly.

Talk to you soon,



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