losing my sparkle

So it’s January 25th. It’s my first last day of my undergraduate career. Woah.

This is when I apologize for my lack of interaction these past few weeks. I had all these plans for winter break but instead I spent the majority of the four weeks laying in bed and catching up on all my shows.

I just needed a break from reality for a while. Since coming back from spending my whole summer in Minnesota in 2014, it feels like I’m being going nonstop with both school and work. I guess you could also say that life got in the way, as well.

So it’s now the 27th of January and my second day of classes. I don’t know when this slump will go away but I hope it’ll pass sooner rather than later. I miss blogging but my head is somewhere else at the moment.

Doesn’t help that this semester already seems to be a challenging one. Although, we did watch MTV’s Catfish in class today so I can’t complain too much. It’s probably just all in my head again. I always worry myself sick.

Whoever you are, I hope you’re doing well.

I’ll get my mojo back soon, friends.

Talk to you soon,


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