Retail Problems

As a sales associate at a globally known retailer, I have witnessed both the good, the bad, and the so bad it’s comical.

It would be a sin to not share the love so I’d thought it would be a fabulous idea to share some of the daily thoughts that run through my mind on an average work day.

Before we get started, just remember that if you’re about to pick a fight with anyone who works in the service industry, not just retail, we are laughing in the inside. We’re not sorry and we don’t care if you take your business elsewhere. 

Disclaimer: this list is in no particular order.

1.) “Do you work here?” There could be numerous indications I work there; uniform, walkie talkie, or the fact that I’m folding a mountain of clothes and a customer will come up to me, look me up and down, and spit out the line, “Do you work here?”.

2) “How much is this?” “Oh can you read me the price on the tag?” “Yeah, it says, $12.90”. “Okay, so it’s $12.90”. When, I tell you about 9 out of 10 price checks are like this, you probably wouldn’t believe me.

3) Get in line, just to leave to look at something else or worse, NOT KNOW WHAT THEY WANT TO BUY. 

4) NOT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL! Sure, sometimes it hurts when customers don’t ask “how I’m doing” back but when they don’t say anything at all, COME ON.

5) When you ask a question and they stare at you with no response. All I ever wanted to my yes or no question was a yes or no. I’m not asking for your social security number, ma’am.

6) I’ve already scanned, taken the sensors off, folded their clothes into a bag and they shockingly say, “Oh, I didn’t want that”. OH! You didn’t? Sorry, I couldn’t read your mind. Honestly, my mistake.

7) Would you do this at your house? Or better yet, someone else’s house? If you drop something, pick it up. If you don’t want your drink anymore, throw it in the trash; do not hide it somewhere in the store for me to find days later. God forbid, if you change your child’s dirty diaper in our store, please don’t leave the diaper on the floor.

8) Please don’t ask me a question when I’m on break. I clearly don’t have my lanyard on anymore, I have my phone in one hand and my wallet in the other, I legally cannot help you.

9) Do not stay in a store that has closed and still shop. We find that not only very annoying but extremely inconsiderate. If you work in the service industry, you well know very well that just because the store/shop/restaurant is closed that you stay until the cleaning is done. Please, just leave.

10) We’re human too. If you run into us, I’ll still say sorry but it was you, who ran into me. No, I will not move just because you decided you want to look at this rack.

Remember, this is all out of fun!

Talk to you soon,


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