Brighter Days Ahead!

One day, you wake up and it doesn’t hurt as bad anymore.

Thankfully, today has been that day for me. I woke up today and I just feel better. There is no rainy cloud of doom, ball of anxiety, or negative thoughts of self-worth. Who knows, maybe tomorrow it’ll be back to the same old but today I will bask in this feeling of hope.

Once, you no longer allow someone or something to have a control over you, there is a tremendous feeling of overwhelming relief. Over the past few months but really probably over the past few years, I have created a naive bubble for myself. I assumed if I treated everyone the way I wanted to be treated, of course people would do the same for me.

…and this isn’t a post about how I’ve lost hope in humanity and all human beings are selfish and self-absorbed. Though, I have finally grown to realize that we must take care of ourselves because we can’t do the caring for everyone.

In the past recent months, I have gone over the same scenario over and over again, thinking what if I said something differently or what if I just rephrased my words another way but it doesn’t matter. Yes, I will admit that I was being stubborn for not reaching out for a chance to sit down and talk over the whole situation but memory lane is a two-way street.

I finally just told myself to let it go. Just let them leave. Just let the pain go. It’s okay to not be okay but know one day, you’ll wake up and it doesn’t hurt as bad anymore.

I honestly believe we all deserve to be surrounded by people who want the best for us but are willing to call us out when we’re being unreasonable. However, I don’t think you deserve people, who make you feel bad about your mistakes and those who will use them against you.

There are far too issues in this world that we should be focusing on. I don’t think you should waste your time on meaningless relationships or more so dwell on crumbled relationships that have far exceeded their expiration dates.

Today is a new day and I’m so excited for what’s to come. Finally!

All the best,




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