It’s been nearly 5 months now since I walked across the stage at TD Garden and received my Bachelor’s Degree for Communication. Some days it seems like yesterday but others it seems like forever. I suppose it doesn’t help I haven’t seen my college friends since that day, when I used to see them all day, every day. I should probably give them a call.

The search for a new job is still strong. Although, I can’t seem to find anything fitting. I know I’m being picky. I understand that but I don’t want to settle. With my mindset, I feel that if I rush into a new job that I don’t feel strongly about or have an interest in, then I’m stuck there for at least a year, which ultimately will bring me back to square one by the end of it.

Just seems like a waste for me. I wish more people were more understanding. That or at least they would stop asking me what I’m doing with my life right now. I’m trying to figure it out, thank you.

Besides that, I’m still trying to save up money. I have a lot more saved up than before but I’m finding myself stuck in the house so I won’t 1) spend money and 2) waste gas.  I’ve also been spending more time with my friend, Penny. She’s the best, friends like her are worth their weight in gold.

Last night, I finished Stranger Things on Netflix and oh my goodness, I’m hooked. Also, I got sucked into watching Camp Rock videos on YouTube and I feel like I’m 14 again but I’m not complaining.

Talk to you soon,


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