Music Monday? Kinda.

Hey! Hey!

So I actually wrote a Music Monday on Thursday but I was having formatting issues (I really need to play around more) but I still wanted to do something for today, considering I haven’t posted in a few days. Of course, I wanted it to be music related as well.

I’m not sure if anyone enjoys my Music Mondays but its something I enjoy writing so oh well.

This song caught my attention during one of those ADs you see before a YouTube video plays. The AD kept playing after every video I clicked in and the desire to find out the song just kept on growing as well.  Eventually, I found it and I just know it’s going to be a hit.



Basically, this is me telling you now that I told you so when it does eventually blow up, which it has. When, I first looked it up on YouTube it had about 40,000 + views but its well over 100,000+ in a matter of a few days.

I’m telling you, go listen!

By the way, Happy Halloween! Stay safe!

Try to write soon,


8 thoughts on “Music Monday? Kinda.

  1. it s always like that xD when you see a video and it doesn’t have that many views then suddenly it becomes popular and you just go like “I frikkin’ discovered him first” hihi, when I post I always add a “music tip for travelling” I just put a music video in the post. I like to share my music taste with the rest 🙂


      1. I started with a Nikon D3100 when I was 21 or something, then I sold it and bought the Nikon D7100 and now I own the Nikon D750 which is one that I know I’ll have for many years 🙂 I also decided few weeks ago to go back to school and study at the photo academy next year 🙂 so hopefully I’ll learn more than what I’m capable of now hihi


      2. Oh my goodness! That is so awesome! I always admired those who took the time for themselves before jumping into school. Although, I am so happy I went and finished. A Nikon D750? I’ll definitely keep that on my list of potential cameras.

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