Originality on the Internet?

You can’t tell me that you haven’t looked at your best friend and you during a fit of laughter and not said to each other, “Why don’t we have a reality show yet?” because I sure do, all the time. Then, I realize my life is boring nor do I need that many judgmental eyes on me.

That leads me to the subject of viral videos, which I’m quite obsessed and fascinated with. Seriously, I go on Facebook solely on a search for these things. My friends think I’m a lunatic but I don’t mind.

I just love how something that normally is never caught on camera and is usually only recited through the storytelling of those who were there as a mere memorable memory.  I mean that’s usually what viral videos are, right? Amateur, holding the phone the wrong way, pure luck videotaping. There’s even SnapChat now that adds another layer. Remember, “Dayummmm Daniel”, that started on SnapChat.

Anyways, I’m always rambling but I’m still finding it hard to be original or to at least find more ideas and things to talk about. Eventually, I want to branch out into video blogging, that is the YouTube world and I’m scared that I’m just going to be another wannabe vlogger.

Then again, I don’t want to be that typical YouTuber. If you watch a lot of YouTube, I hope you know what I mean when I say that. Every since, YouTube became a source of income for content creators, I feel as those some have just produced content to appease and attract a certain demographic, which I totally get. Truly I get that people have to make a living. However, my personal goal onwards is to make content I would watch myself and to not water down me. 

And I hope that this blogs does a good job at illustrating who am I and who I want to be as a person. Although, I feel as if right now I’m just an angsty, post grad twenty-something year old living in limbo with an imaginary cloud of doom.

That was dramatic. I’m being wicked dramatic.

Did I even talk about originality on the Internet? Is it even possible to be original in any aspect of life? For example, I feel like musicians are always getting cited for copyright.

Oh yeah, it’s November and I already bought two presents for my brothers. I love the holidays man. Can’t forget about Thanksgiving in a few weeks.

Thanks for always listening,



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