scared & confused but still hopeful.


The afternoon of Tuesday, November 8, 2016 I went to the local tech school in my hometown to cast my vote for the next President of the United States of America. Although, I am fully aware that it’s not common protocol to speak on your stance on politics, I do. Yes, it may result in losing some Facebook friends (which, I have) or leave a bitter taste in someone’s mouth of my pure existence but I do because it’s something I feel like I’m obligated to participate in.

We need to start this conversation.

I come across so many people who hate politics. I don’t think anyone truly hates politics. I think people hate how other people react to politics but to say you hate politics and not vote, I think that’s a travesty. As an American, I hope my fellow brothers and sisters of this country recognize their privilege of exercising their right to vote. We cannot expect change in our lives without action.

It is now, Thursday, November 10 and I’ve officially had a whole day since finding out early, early Wednesday morning that Donald Trump is now our commander in chief of the free world.

Oh, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel as if I had woken up in a nightmare. The hours leading up his impeding win filled me up with pure anxiety and terror. After, hours of anxiousness came pure anger for my fellow neighbors. How could so many people vote for such a vile human being?

In spite of the fact that I am still unnerved that Donald Trump was elected president, I know there is still a lot of work to be done. With that being said, I don’t regret nor take back anything I said within the past 24-36 hours but I will try my best in the future to more eloquently vocalize my words.

We cannot change the outcome of this election but we can change how he intended to lead our country. He does not control how we speak and treat one another. We control how we treat and speak to each other and that is with love, acceptance, and respect.


If you’re a young voter feeling discouraged that the person you wanted didn’t win, it’s okay to morn but remember, this is much bigger than Trump or Clinton. It’s not a competition between Republicans or Democrats, bad or good, left or right.

The charts, graphs, and pictures show we are divided as a nation. Democrats are scared of what the Republicans have planned. Republicans are scared of what the Democrats have planned. We must remain united. In retrospect, we all value and want the same things.

At 22 years of age, I am a millennial, I am a young voter and I challenge older voters to participate in our conversation. I challenge you to listen. I challenge you to question. I challenge you to be more open. You cannot shut us out. We must be heard. We are all in this together. One day, we will be those leaders.

As for Hilary Clinton, I know there have been many speculations involving her and that has not been forgotten. However, thank you for showing me and millions of other girls that we can aspire to do such great things alongside our male counterparts. I am positive we will see a female in office one day and I hope this election has fueled whoever that person will be even more than yesterday. Thinking about that possible moment has given me so much hope for the future.

Bernie Sanders, you are one of a kind and like so many Americans like me I don’t think we will ever forgive the DNC for what they have done. You sparked a flame in so many of us and we will continue to carry that torch.

He may never be my president but we must stay united.

Be kind to each other.

All my love,


P.S. I already miss the Obamas

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