Day Off! Day Off! Day Off!

Hey Friends,

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the last days of fall! It’s still beautiful here in New England. Although, I do miss the sun a bit but the cool, crisp air is something I’ve always loved about this time of year.

I feel like I haven’t posted in forever. As a sales associate in a huge retail store, it’s been so hectic these past few weeks. Today is my first day off in a few days and it feels like a gift sent straight down from heaven.

Thanksgiving was awesome. The morning started off a little rocky but with three brothers, it’s too be expected. My mom cooked the turkey and our two hams (excessive? nah) and I prepared all the side dishes and it was amazing. Seriously, probably the best turkey my mom has made thus far and it was probably the most simplest it’s ever been, as well.

Of course with Thanksgiving, comes Black Friday. Fortunately for me, I got lucky and didn’t have to open at midnight with my fellow co-workers. However, it was non-stop the whole ten hours I had to be there.

Not too many mean customers this year on Friday but I can already feel it for the weeks leading up to Christmas. I may cry. That or I may accidentally laugh in someone’s face but we’ll see.

Mhm is there anything new in my life? Well, we hired a really cute boy for holiday season but he already quit so that’s quite disheartening. It’s okay though because I added him on Facebook. HA! I know, I’m awful.

My Christmas shopping is almost done and I’m feeling great! Everyone should do their shopping early because now I’m just excited for the holiday season.

Again, I hope you all are doing well. What are your plans for the next few weeks?

By the way, today is the first day I’ve eaten actual food other than Thanksgiving leftovers.

All my love,


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