Riding the Wave


Hey Friends,

I never thought I would be that typical blogger who starts off by saying, “Sorry, I’ve been in a weird mood for the past few weeks and I didn’t feel like boring you with my immense shitty mood” but here I am.

This year so far has been interesting and somewhat emotionally draining. However, besides the fact that I feel like America is falling apart and my hatred for Donald Trump and his decisions grow by the second; I’m doing good.

My best friend, who’s been staying with my family and I for the past few months just recently moved out unexpectedly fast so that’s been kind of hard. We have two completely different schedules so finding time to see each other is going to be a challenge once more.

Work has continued to test my patience with it’s cruel, soul-crushing customers and my coworker who’s barely out of high school seems to never stop talking. Again, I cannot wait until the day I can say goodbye to this job but I work with people who’ve also become some of my most cherished friends so it’s not that bad.

My bedroom is still slowly coming together with an addition of a white ladder shelf that I’ve been dreaming and envisioning for years! A big shout out to one of my best friends for gifting it to me for Christmas. I’m so obsessed with it, I’m thinking of making a whole separate blog post about it so let me know if you’re interested.

I have some good friends and an awesome pair of parents. I really shouldn’t have anything to complain about.

Also, I kept getting denied job opportunities that I’ve applied to in the past few months since I’ve graduated and that has really taken its toll on me.

It’s crazy! Today I was like “beggars can’t be choosers” and decided I should just apply to things that were even unpaid (it sucks but I need to build experience) and I’ve already gotten two emails asking me to come in for an interview. I don’t know if I’ll even land one of them but I just feel so much better already. Honestly, I was starting to lose hope but I feel so motivated and inspired again.

Ah, today was a good day and I hope you guys are all doing well.

Until next time,


P.S. I know I made a collage of 3 of my selfies but I was really feeling myself that day and I haven’t felt this good about myself in a long time so I DON’T CARE; hope you understand and support me hahahaa


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