I’m alive but I’m barely breathing.

Hey Friends,

To start things off, I’m not dead.

I’ve actually just been sick. You know, after 2 boxes of tissues, about 3 different types of cold medicine, and lots of cough drops…I kind of feel like an actual human being again. Although, I’m now dealing with the side effects of Spring; allergies. It probably doesn’t help that my daily work environment is rather dusty.  A month ago, I couldn’t stop coughing and now I can’t stop sneezing.  Anyone here a doctor? Because I need some help.

Besides that, I’m been trying to live my life. I don’t really don’t know what that means but I’ve been going out more! I’m a changed, woman! I’m just kidding but I’m trying to say yes to more things. I’ve gone out with some girl friends and I bought some clothes that were out of my comfort zone. I feel good. Not great but good. I’ve still got a lot of stepping out to do still.

Apparently, a picture is worth a thousand words so I’m going to shut up now and show you some snapshots of my life.

Boston’s Flower and Garden Show 2017


My Best Friend’s Birthday at Paint Nite


Weekly Sibling Hang Out


Celebrating Khmer, Thai, and Lao New Year with the Family.


..and a selfie because the glo up is real, my friends.


Let’s stay connected. Don’t forget to leave your socials down below so I can stalk you guys.

I say that in the most in the most innocent possible way for all you weirdos.

Enjoy that spring weather, guys.

Talk to you soon,




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